CLA Carnitine

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Benefits of Product

About cla+Carnitine

Powerful Combination Support lean muscle while boosting energy and performance! CARNITINE+ work synergistically to help burn stored body fat, converting it to energy.
* Powerful combination. It helps in enhancing lean muscle mass & Fat burn.
* Reduce Weight Loss on Women & Men – It supports fat metabolism and weight management for both men and women. It works on all types of fat stored on your body.
* Conjugated Linoleic Acid ( CLA ) : For weight loss and metabolic rate, enhanced muscle growth, fights inflammation and boost immune system, prevents cancers, Build strong bones.

Benefits of cla+Carnitine

  • Supports muscular endurance so you can excercise longer.
  • A powerful Antioxidant, help produce the energy, enhances memory
  • Raise testosterone and boost sperm count , improve mood and energy
  • Boost libido, helps in digestion and weight loss


Other Ingredients –  Vegetarian Capsule, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.



Store in a cool and dry place


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